Chile Lime Tacos

Chile Lime Tacos

The Spoonful of Health-Chile-Lime-tacos

If you haven’t tried the newest TJ’s seasoning, you are missing out because, SO GOOD. 😋 //

I was craving tacos (what else is new) so I decided to make chicken chile lime tacos:

dice up some raw chicken • add a small amount of EVOO • juice of 1/2 lemon • enough chile lime seasoning blend to coat chicken • put all ingredients into a ziploc bag & shake to evenly coat • cook chicken over medium heat until browned. 🌶🍋🐓
For the sauce, I made a healthier guac dip — 2 parts avo to 1 part nonfat plain GY + fresh pico de gallo + garlic powder + pepper • mix well & keep refrigerated. 🍅
PS — the chile lime seasoning blend has salt in it… just an FYI so you don’t need to add any salt to this meal. 👍🏼
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