Workout Wednesday [ 3/22/16 ]

balsamic brussels

Eat your veggies [especially your leafy greens] 🌱 💚 ☘

The Spoonful of Health-Balsamic-brussels

Brussel sprouts that don’t taste like booty & are extremely easy:

— 1/2 T. balsamic vinegar

— 1/2 T. EVOO

— 2 1/2 cup brussel sprouts cut in half

— Black pepper to taste

  1. Preheat oven to 400F
  2. Cook brussel sprouts for 2 mins in microwaveable container (I buy them from Trader Joe’s in the fridge section–already cleaned + cut in halves)
  3. Use a larger Ziplock Baggie to place balsamic, EVOO, & microwaved Brussel sprouts, then shake bag to evenly coat with oil mix
  4. Prepare cooking sheet by covering it with foil then distribute sprouts evenly
  5. Cook in oven for 10ish minutes or until you can see the sprouts turning a golden brown color
  6. Top with black pepper & enjoy

The Hangover Club

The Spoonful of Health-hangover-club

How to prevent a hangover whether it is decreasing the frequency or decreasing the intensity of last night’s regret or regrets…

  1. # of drinks — the more drinks you have, increases your risk for a hangover. I know this point is obvious, but it is necessary.
  2.  avoid sugary drinks — they contain congeners (i.e methanol, isopentanol, acetone..) which are produced by sugar fermenting yeasts. Alcohols that are colored are typically higher in congener, for example; whiskey, cognac, tequila (only two of my favorite hard alcohols ever.. sad face). Bourbon is especially high in congeners, therefore; you will be more likely to get a hangover if you drink these types of alcohols. Colorless drinks (i.e vodka, gin, rum) have less conegers leading to a decreased chance in a hangover. 
  3. drink h2O — since EtOH (medical term for drinking alcohol aka ethanol) is a diuretic, dehydration can occur leading to symptoms of thirst, headache, fatigue and dry mouth. Drink 1 glass of water for every EtOH glass you drink. A great way to ensure you get enough water is to alternate from an EtOH beverage to water. Drinking plenty of water before you start drinking is beneficial for not only preventing a hangover, but also a way to practice a healthy lifestyle. Also, after drinking make sure to drink even more water before you go to bed to prevent dehydration. 
  4. sleep — EtOH interferes with sleep quality and duration. If you always wake up early after a night of drinking — this is why. If you are one of those people whose sleep is unaffected by EtOH, just know I hate you and I am super jealous. Do your best job to get a good nights rest to prevent weakness and fatigue. Perhaps taking a quick morning nap can do the trick. 
  5. eat a hearty breakfast — EtOH lowers blood glucose so we must eat to prevent signs of hunger along with preventing weakness and headache. For individuals who already have a low blood glucose normally, their hangover will be more severe due to this affect (that is me…yay). Skip the “hangover foods” such as greasy/fatty foods because they can make you feel worse. Your body already hates you enough from all the alcohol you drank so do yourself a favor and provide your body a nourishing meal with substance. Eggs + toast + fruit = a good morning after b-fast.
  6. work out — as bad as running may sound during your hangover, working out is actually a great way to get rid of a hangover or at least decrease the negative effects. Working out helps you by sweating out toxins (aka the alcohol you drank). Also, working out increases blood flow to your muscles leading to a higher oxygen delivery to your cells. This can lead to a speedy hangover recovery!

The recommended dietary allowance for alcohol is 1 drink/day for women & 2 drinks/day for men. (Men get twice as much because they can metabolize alcohol better than women can… however that is the ONLY thing that can do better 😉 )

ONE LAST NOTE: do not mix alcohol with caffeine. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant while caffeine is a stimulant. Maybe you have heard people talk about mixing an “upper” and a “downer” — basically not a good idea because you are send two opposing signals causing intense pressure on the body. The body’s response is often unpredictable — some results include:

Coma, Respiratory depression, Cardiac depression, Impaired mental/physical coordination, Dehydration, Seizures, Overdose, Death.


Please drink responsibly even if it is your responsibilities that lead you to drink in the first place… try yoga or something to actually benefit your body, not harm it. 


2nd Breakfast

The Spoonful of Health-Second-Breakie

2nd breakfast for today [perfect post-workout meal] 💪🏼🍳😋

2 large egg whites • 1/2 ounce low-fat colbyjack cheese • 1/2 avo • sriracha • freshly ground black pepper • cherry tomatoes • 1/2 small mango

St. Patty’s Snacks

The Spoonful of Health-St-Patty's-snacks

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my friends! 🇮🇪 ☘ 🍻

My favorite St. Patty’s “green” snacks (Houston’s fav is the shamrocks) 🍀

  1. Perfect Bar — Almond Butter #delicious
  2. Avitae caffeinated H2O — #need
  3. Broccoli florlets — #crunchygreens
  4. Jameson (not pictured) — definitely a staple for this holiday